We provide the premium quality of Kagoshima tea directly from our farms at a reasonable price.
Due to COVID-19 impact, we are unable to invite our buyers from overseas this year.
So we want to make sure that our buyers are well informed about our products and the stories behind the farmers.

We visited Shimokubo Isao Seicha on July 21st,2020.

Their tea farm is located in Ei, southern part of Kagoshima.

Their farm is 200 meters above the sea level, which makes a large gap in temperature in day and night.

This environment helps making their characteristic tea.

The feature of their tea is “Umami” and “Fragrance.”

“The beauty of tea is based on soil of the farm and root.” is their motto.

They cooperate with tea experts from all over Japan and put their 100% effort as a tea farmer and a producer to make their special tea.


They own about 30 ha of tea farm.

When you walk on the soil, the soil pushes back your foot steps. That’s how fluffy and lively the soil is.

Their rich soil wraps the root hairs deep in the ground.

The roots efficiently absorb fertilizer, water and oxygen with this stress-free environment.

Their tea leaves are thick and strong enough to withstand the steaming process.

The steaming process is one of the keys to bring out umami and aroma.


Mr. Shimokubo kindly demonstrated the roasting process.

Please check out this video!

I wish you could feel and smell the aroma from the tea once it’s fully roasted.

Making the image of their farm while drinking their tea is my favorite way to relax.

Please try out their discerning tea!