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We have been harvesting tea for over 80 years and have established ourselves as renowned and experienced tea farmers. We work hard to dedicate ourselves to the tea research and to develop our organic Gyokuro with JAS certification.

In order to produce safe tea with a unique taste, we have managed to develop our own fertilizer which is also natural and organic.

Our tea contains a large amount of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, which all contain high anti-oxidative effects, and the taste of our tea improves as time passes. We are proud to present you the real taste of Japanese tea.

Organic cultivation of Gyokuro in Japan is relatively rare and there have been many failures so far. That is why our organic Gyokuro is regarded as extremely precious and special. The minerals and amino acids that are essential to keep people in good health are found immensely in our tea and we would like to present such a best tea to you from the high hills of Kyushu.

Sakamoto Organic Tea L.L.C

Quality time with the Best GYOKURO at Sakamoto Organic Tea L.L.C.


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