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Farm Stay program

Kagoshima Tea Market Place offers the learning farmstay programs in the authentic environment for our customers around the world. Many buyers enjoy the opportunities of experiencing daily farm life in the charming small towns in Kagoshima.

This is a unique farm stay program with our tea growers and we guide you through the cultivation process of green tea. Through this program, it is our hope that our customers will gain a better understanding of our company and establish a long lasting relationship.

Our tea growers are passionate about tea and are always striving to improve the quality. As demand for organic tea continues to grow fast, many of them are currently in transition to organic.


From New Jersey – United States

It was an honor to visit the farmers and staff of KTMP in Kagoshima, through which I was able to get a better understanding of processing methods, choice of cultivars and general care of the tea plants. Over a five day period, I visited each farmer’s tea fields and toured their facilities. I had the opportunity to evaluate teas and give a talk on Japanese Green Tea in the U.S., to members of the Tea Industry Chamber of Kagoshima and local government officials. This visit was one of the most informative and engaging I’ve been on. I cherish the bonds and relationships that were created on this trip and look forward to nourishing these in the years to come.

From California – United States

The farm stay with the Fukuda Family was incredible! After a tour of their tea factory, we enjoyed a generous home-cooked meal with their family and friends. The Fukuda’s factory is adjacent to their home, and during the tea harvesting season they start work before the sun rises and finishes after the sun sets! It was really inspiring and insightful hearing about Masakazu-san and Midori-san’s wishes for their business and their three sons. Kagoshima isn’t as well-known as the other tea producing regions, but the farmers here care just as much about growing and producing the best green tea possible. We were so blessed and lucky to have spent the night with the Fukuda family, and hope to one day return the favor when they visit the United States!

From California – United States

During my recent trip to Kagoshima, I was offered the opportunity to stay with my generous host, Mr. Shimoyama, at his family’s delightful home in a beautiful neighborhood just outside of Kagoshima city. During my stay I was treated with the highest respect and honor, and warmly welcomed by Mr. Shimoyama and his family. All of the accommodations during my stay were excellent, especially all of the home-cooked meals and delicious tea. It is a very unique opportunity to home-stay with a local host, instead of staying in a typical hotel. Most importantly, this is an excellent way to fully embrace a different culture and learn about the everyday customs in a typical Japanese household. I was treated to the most delicious foods and drinks during my stay, and felt like I was part of the family during my time with Mr. Shimoyama. Additionally, I was able to meet with local tea producers in a more casual and social environment, where we were able to make true and lasting friendships, beyond the business of tea. Kanpai!

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