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JA Kagoshima Chagyo Co.,Ltd. was founded in Matcha 1975 as an affiliate of the Kagoshima Prefectural Economic Federation of Africultural Cooperative sith the purpose of raising the income of tea growers in Kagoshima Prefecture and building the “Kagoshima Tea Green Tea” brand.

Kagoshima Prefecture made use of warm location requirements, and worked on the producing area formation of the freen tea as a disaster prevention farming crop in earnest from 1965. The prefecture currently ranks secound in the countly in green tea production. JA Kagoshima Chagyo aimes to supply “custom-made” instead of ready-made freen tea and to respond to changing consumer taste. In order to fulfill this goal, a thorough quality control system is in place. Our new plant was compleated in March 1996 where we introducued a tea-packaging§processing machine, and the latest refining/processing effort is being made to supply safe tasty, and clean “Kagoshima Green Tea”.

Bringing you visible Food Safety and Security FSSC22000 Certified

JA Kagoshima Chagyo obtained international quality control certifications, FSSC22000 (Food Safety System Certification), simultaneously in 2014 to better communicate our focus on quality. A dust removal machine and the latest monitoring system are in place to make sure the tea leaves are safe and secure.

Different varieties of tea have different aromas and flavors. Exquisite combinations of various traits make unique, one-of-a-kind tea products and “tea masters” play a crucial role in this. These connoisseurs have extensive and in-depth knowledge of tea varieties and tea plantation conditions. Tea fields in Kagoshima Prefecture vary widely in terrain and surrounding environment. These conditions produce large variations in the characteristics of tea leaves, sometimes more so than the difference in actual tea variety. Thus, the depth and scope of a tea master’s knowledge is crucial.

The “tea master” makes use of the special characteristics of locally produced tea and combines into exquisite blends where each variety complements different varieties and brings out the best of the others. No single variety comes close to the delicate taste and flavor of blended green tea. Please enjoy the extraordinary tea blended by tea masters who have comprehensive knowledge of Kagoshima’s green teas.

JA Kagoshima Chagyo,Inc

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