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Why Kagoshima Tea?

– Wide and Flat Tea Gardens –

This enables us to take an advantage of mechanical power and reduce the labor cost. Therefore, the cost of our products for you are very reasonable.

– A distinctive full-bodied flavor –

Our tea has a distinctive full-bodied flavor from the warm southern sunshine.

– Japan’s 2nd largest Tea producer –

Because of the mild climate, Kagoshima is the first region to bring green tea to the market in Japan and also has the longest harvesting season of tea.

Health beneficial Japanese green tea is grown in beautiful natural settings using the “chashou” technique

In Japan. the tea most commonly served alongside Japan’s low-calorie cuisine that emphasizes the flavor of ingredients is Japanese green tea. Its beautitul color is an all-natural extract from the tea leaves, and Its elegant aroma gives a sensation of freshness. Only Japanese green tea can offer such variety in its fusion of flavors.Without the addition of sugar or other sweeteners, the unique taste of Japanese green tea is enjoyed in its pure form, and contains many nutrients reputedly beneficial to health.In Japan, people enjoy a cup of Japanese green tea as a break from everyday activities. Tea also plays an essential part in welcoming important guests as it not only sends the message that the host wants you to “relax,” but the act of taking tea helps to soothe and refresh the senses. Grown with great care in tea fields situated amongst the beautiful nature of Japan and developed using sophisticated technology, beneficial and high-quality Japanese green tea can help you lead a healthy lifestyle.

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