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We visited Komaki brothers at Komaki Ryokuhoen Co., Ltd. on May 25th, 2020.
Their family has been producing teas for over 65 years in Kagoshima, JAPAN.

They won a “Gold prize”at Japanese Tea Selection in paris 2019 with Saemidori.

Their tea garden is located in Mitnamisatsuma-shi which is on the western side of Satsuma Peninsula.

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The warmer the climate, the earlier the first flush.
Their Shincha (ichibancha) season is over and they are ready for you to enjoy!

Nibancha was about to get started in a few days, so they were preparing for the plucking process.

Some tea trees were covered with black clothes.

Do you know why they do that?

This process actually deepens the leaves’ color.

The leaf that is in the hand was not covered. Can you see the color difference?

It was very clear to me that their tea gardens are delicately taken care of by the staffs there.


We will keep you updated for the reliable Japanese Tea from Komaki Ryokuhoen Co., Ltd.