Hello from Kagoshima, the paradise for tea buyers!!


We provide the premium quality of Kagoshima tea directly from our farms at a reasonable price.

Due to COVID-19 impact, we are unable to invite our buyers from overseas this year.

So we want to make sure that our buyers are well informed about our products and the stories behind the farmers.


It is located in the northern part of Kagosima.

We visited them on June 9th, 2020. It was a nice day for the rainy season.

They were working hard on plucking Nibancha (second picked tea leaves.)

The view with the contrast of green colors is just breathtaking.

It heals my heart just being at the farm.

This is Ms.Asuka who is in charge of plucking.

I told her that it was my first time seeing a woman driving the machine.

She replied with a smile, and said she grew up watching her mother driving the machine, so it is a very normal thing for her.

This is her with her mother, who basically runs this company.

They still use the old-style machine for plucking.

I asked Ms.Asuka how much a bag of these tea weigh.

Would you like to guess?

It weighs about 20kg each bag.

They removes about 10 bags from the machine and put them in the back of their pickup truck.

Ms. Asuka has 3 sisters, and she is the only one helping out the farm.

She told us how Japanese tea has become less appreciated by Japanese people.

There are convenience stores everywhere, ans it is very easy to get a bottle of tea.

As we got busier, we forgot to take time for a good cup of tea to relax.

It is important for us to make time and space in our mind for a good cup of tea.

We hope that our buyers have similar ideas for what teas can provide for us.

Their famous organic black tea is very tasty.

The packages are very cute, too.

Ms. Asuka talks about her mother and father very proudly.

Just 3 of them are working at the farm and taking care of all the teas there.

Working with family members is not always easy, but this family always finds a way for better future.

I totally fell in love with this family and their cozy farm.

I hope that everyone who drinks their tea can visualize their beautiful farm and their smiley faces 🙂