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  1. Withered Kari-bancha

Withered Kari-bancha is made by adding a withered aroma that Westerners like, increasing its added value. The first-class harvested tea leaves are used as the raw material for the Kari-bancha. The “Non-Astringent Benifuuki Tea” released in 2018 was improved in 2021 and can now be exported regularly. In 2020, Kasuga-En Kawaji Seicha has further improved its organic “Benifuki Tea”. Even the first-class harvested tea leaves are withered to produce high-quality white tea. In 2021, we exported 155kg to DE TERRE D’OC EVOLUTION SAS in France.


  1. Roasted cold tea

“Yutaka Midori” is the most cultivated variety in Kagoshima in Japan and has higher EGC content than other varieties. In 2019, we worked on “functional cold tea” using Yutaka Midori’s second tea leaves for iced tea with an emphasis on functionality, but few buyers showed interest in the variety other than first tea leaves, so we did not export the tea.

However, in 2021, we exported 90 kg to “Tea Vision” in Australia, because they were interested in the functionality of Yutaka Midori and the roasted Yutaka Midori tea leaves had a distinctive aroma while retaining their functionality.


  1. Ara-cha made Kabuse-cha

It was developed with input from Panorama Table Co., Ltd., an export trading company in Tokyo. Ara-cha is a type of tea that is processed directly from tea leaves harvested from tea plantations, including the stems.

“Ara-cha made Kabuse-cha” is made by using Ara-cha of Kabuse-cha tea, which is heated strongly and then shipped without finishing processes such as sieving. We exported 30kg to Lalani & Co London Ltd. in the UK in 2020.


  1. Yuzu-infused stem tea

Organic matcha is extremely popular overseas, and many overseas buyers are requesting “Matcha with Yuzu” as a Japanese-flavored tea. For this reason, we have developed “Yuzu-infused stem tea”, which is a blend of less astringent stem tea and organic yuzu peel powder.

In 2021, we exported 50 kg to LES JARDINS DE GAIA in France.


  1. Genmaicha tea bags containing organic matcha

It was developed jointly with UNITED FOODS INTERNATIONAL, a Tokyo food export trading company. In August 2021, 262kg was exported to Jade Leaf in the United States.

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