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We provide the premium quality of Kagoshima tea directly from our farms at a reasonable price.
Due to COVID-19 impact, we are unable to invite our buyers from overseas this year.
So we want to make sure that our buyers are well informed about our products and the stories behind the farmers.

We heard that Mr. Kawaji at Kawaji Seicha experimented on making white tea.

So we visited him on Oct 27th, 2020.

Please read the previous post about Mr. Kawaji

It’d been a while after he experimented on making his first white tea when we went to see him.

White tea contains silver tips, delicate leaf-buds that’s still covered by fine white hairs.

In making white tea, there is a “withering process” which reduces moisture content and makes the leaves flaccid.

He experimented with BENIHUKI that is often used to make black tea.

Although he was not happy with the result this time, the tea was very tasty.


They have been making other fermented tea over the years.

<<Black tea & Oolong tea>>

When I saw their Oolong tea, I was very surprised by its color.

I always believed that the color of oolong tea is black.

He offered us 3 types of tea, and the oolong tea was my most favorite one.

He says that he learns a lot of things from challenging new things.

We are very excited for their future products!